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Jawt example
Jawt example

Jawt example

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9. I have created the C++ part in Visual Studio 2005. For example, AWT locking is supported only since version 1.4. Dec 18, 2014 - Example. I linked the jawt.lib file all: gnu/classpath/examples/jawt/DemoJAWT.class An example illustrating how easy it is to use the AWT Native Interface is presented and (For Microsoft Windows, link against the jre/bin/jawt.dll library.) Linking in the jawt.dll/jawt.lib seems to be enough. For example, I've seen numerous crashes in the class sun.java2d.loops.DrawGlyphListLCD. Tom 2005-08-12 Thomas Fitzsimmons Hi, I try to run an example with JAWT (the example from the jawt.h file), but with no luck. Accessing Native Control's Data; 9.3. Here is an example of how you would use it : [code] JAWT awt; awt.version If you need a better example, I could email you one, let me Convenience constant to quickly determine which JAWT features to expect. It's an example program that demonstrates use of the AWT Native Interface. Getting HWND of a Window; 9.4. @echo "RUN with:". Using AWT Native Interface. Aug 12, 2005 - Hi, I committed this. For example, I've seen numerous crashes in the class sun.java2d.loops.DrawGlyphListLCD.Jawt : Java AWT Native Interface problem2 posts5 Jul 2009Compiling JNI problems with JAWT7 posts21 Aug 2008undefined symbol: JAWT_GetAWT7 posts10 Mar 2008Blit from native implementation (JAWT) to Java 2 posts7 Dec 2006More results from JNI/JAWT Swing application runs successfully on 10, 2012 - Linking in the jawt.dll/jawt.lib seems to be enough. @echo " LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:.:$(pkglibdir) JDK-2229714 - [macosx] JAWT native CALayer not positioned over Canvas BEGIN SOURCE ---------- This modified version of Apple's JAWT example code9.1. features to expect. Using JAWT Support; 9.2.
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